Adoption Steps


Please email our adoption counselor, Alexa: for your adoption appointment. All of our adoption visits are done by appointment only as we do operate out of our homes to keep the animals social. We try to keep our schedules extremely flexible, realizing that you are excited about bringing your new friend home.


If you prefer to visit us first, skip directly to STEP 3. If you are certain you're going to adopt before you visit, this is your next step. All adopters MUST be pre-approved before bringing their bunny home. Pre-approved means:

  1. Bunny's habitat MUST be set up INDOORS ONLY as we do not adopt to persons who intend to set their rabbit's habitat up outside (unfinished/non-heated or non-cooled garages are not acceptable).
  2. Pictures of the habitat IN ITS ENTIRETY must be sent to us via email, text or fb message. The pictures should include:
    1. habitat (approved x-pen or xl dog crate–no wire bottoms), or room.
    2. water bowl & food bowl
    3. carpet or blanket flooring set up in habitat
    4. toys
    5. pet carrier
    6. litter box lined with pelleted pet bedding and filled with grass hay
    7. food pellets

All of the above should be set up and ready for your new friend. Pictures of the supplies not set up are not acceptable and will delay your adoption process as we cannot determine or assess your setup unless it is completely ready for your bunny.

Step 3:

Visit us! Many of our adopters choose to visit us shelter BEFORE they get pre-approved and that's absolutely fine! Choosing your forever pet can take time and requires careful thought. If you choose to visit us first, we can also offer one-on-one adoption counseling of the preapproval process!

Please note: If you visit our shelter before you become pre-approved, you cannot take your desired pet with you that day. We WILL place a "hold" on your desired pet for up to 2 weeks, though, while you become pre-approved.

X-Pen Examples