Rabbit Adoption Application

Thank you for filling out this questionnaire. The information you provide will help us learn more about you and your family. Feel free to expand on any issue or ask any questions in the comments section at the end. We welcome your feedback and suggestions! Please note that you must be over 18 years of age to adopt from us.


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General Questionnaire
Include age, sex, and if they're spayed/neutered.
Please note: Rabbit savvy vets are very important because rabbits are physically very different than cats and dogs, and vets require special classes & training for rabbits. If we don't recognize the vet you list, we will give you a list of rabbit vets in your area. If you're in Nashville, we strongly recommend Dr. Chad Given at Hillsboro Animal hospital.
If you have minors, please list their ages.
A few more things...
Are you aware that rabbits can live 10-12+ years, require special vet care, need lots of attention and exercise, require you to bunny-proof your home, and shouldn't live outside?
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I agree that all the information on this application is true, and I understand that false information may void this application and any future applications. I also understand that failure to comply with future requirements, such as spaying or neutering, could result in my inability to adopt more animals from this organization.